Pathfinder Adventure for beginners

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    • Pathfinder Adventure for beginners

      Titel: Starting Level adventure
      System: Pathfinder

      Typ: Einsteigerszenario / Sandbox / Expertenszenario
      Greetings my fellow adventurers. Today I would like to participate in the Catcon as a DungeonMaster (DM) of a starting level introductory session. From here, you will learn the main principles of playing this interesting Pen&paper, participate in a magical quest and have a great time :D . The only requirement is just having fun 8) . You can bring your own LvL 1 pathfinder character or I can provide you with one pre-generated one. The adventure will be in English language (I am from Venezuela and my German is pretty basic). Does not require a Shakespiere level of English at all. If you are interested, please let me know via this forum or by my email

      See you there fellow adventurer!!

      Anzahl Spieler: minimun 3, max 5
      Schwierigkeitsgrad: Easy starting level
    • I'd like to occupy one player slot (who would've thought :P) and I can bring several Lvl. 1 characters, if the group is lacking a certain party role. But otherwise, I guess I'm aiming to play a fighter or rogue. I can also offer my pre-gens as characters for other players.
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